Brian Belefant (our favorite realtor) represented my niece and I in the purchase of a home in Portland, Oregon in September, 2017.
If you’re thinking of hiring Brian, here are some observations my niece and I had about him. 

  1. Responsive. He answers the phone, responds to your requests.
  2. Even tempered. When problems arise, and they always do, Brian looks for
  3. Knowledgeable. I have 30 years’ experience in banking. It was nice not to
    have to educate my real estate agent about the process.
  4. Resourceful. We had an issue with our lender and Brian went above and
    beyond to help solve it. He didn’t, of course, because like I said I have 30
    years’ experience in banking. But the guy tried. Hard.
  5. Patient. He showed us houses numbering in the teens, listened to feedback,
    and pointed out the pros and cons for each showing.
  6. Fun. In a quiet, introverted way.

He’s honest and he works hard. I’m glad we worked with him.